Stephen Dunne graduated from The Royal College of Art with an M.A in Painting in 2001.

Solo Exhibitions

Forthcoming, Triskel Arts, Cork, Apr 19

Forthcoming, Ashford Gallery, Royal Hibernian Academy. 19

Forthcoming, Courthouse Gallery, Ennistymon, Clare, Apr. 19
“Poached Eyes on Ghost & Corpse of Milk”, Fumbally Exchange, Dublin, May 15
“Luminous”, Nag, Dublin, Apr 15
“Subliminal Anarchy”, Pallas Projects Dublin, Mar 14
“The Phantom Limb” Rise, Berlin, July 11
“Schizo Epiphanies” Rise, Berlin, May 09
“Der Zauberlehrling” (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice)” Rise, Berlin, Feb 08
“Dumb Tings”, collaboration with John Strutton, Coleman Projects, London, Jan 08
“Worship the Light / Worship the Dark”, Bartlett’s Space, Bethnal Green, London Sept 07

Selected Group Exhibitions

“El Noche en Blanco”, Medieval Jail, Barco de Avilla, Spain, Aug 18
“Wilder Beings Command”, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Jul. 17
“As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics”, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Apr-Aug. 17
“Rise Open”, with Jim Richards, Lee Wagstaff, Niamh Davis, Theodor Johansson, Berlin, Nov. 15
“RCA Secret”, London & Dubai, 01-18
“Rise Boutique”, Rise, Berlin, Dec. 16 & 17
“Dublin Artist’s Book Fair”, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin, Nov. 14, 15, 16, 17,18
“Vue Contemporary Art Fair”, Cross Gallery, RHA Dublin, Nov. 14
“Afterlife – Festival De Los Muertos ”, Pallas Projects, Dublin, Oct 13
“Toot Tootsie Goodbye”, V1 Copenhagen, with Jake & Dinos Chapman, Susan Hiller, Neal Fox, Dennis Rudolph and Dionisis Kavallieratos, Copenhagen, Sept 13
“Zerrissenheit” (as curator) , Rise Berlin, Sept 12
“The Face of Jesus in my Soup”, Rise Berlin, Dec 11
“Scope Miami”, with Domobaal, London, Nov 11
“The London Art Book Fair”, Domobaal, Whitechapel Gallery, Sept 11
“The Others”, with Rise, Turin
“In Case We Don’t Die”, Wonderland Art Space, Copenhagen, Berlin and Vegas Gallery London
“The Tyranny of Grammar”, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton
“Snippet”, Wayward Gallery, London
“Happiness Machines”, Rise, Berlin
“Sophisticated Boom Boom (in B&W)”, Domobaal, London
“Time is a Sausage”, Domobaal, London
“The Shaman Project III” Oriel Gallery, Wales
“GSK Contemporary” (with Mark Titchner), The Royal Academy, London
“Poetic Madness and the Romantic Imagination”, Rise, Berlin
“After Dark”, group show, Eleven Fine Art, London
“Pilot:3” Zaim Yokohama, Tokyo 101, & Chelsea Triangle Space London
“The Big 4”, Channel 4, curated by Mark Titchner, London
“Leben Lieben”, Rise, Berlin
“My Penguin”, Gallery 39, London
“Pilot:3”, Fondazione Beilacqua La Masa, Venice Biennale
“Deck of Cards”, Gallery 39, 39 Mitchell Street, London Jan 06
“Record Collection” V.T.O Gallery and International 3, Manchester, 01
“The Group Show”, Paul Stolper Gallery, London, July 01
“The Show”, Royal College of Art, London 01

Curated Projects

“Zerrissenheit”, featuring moving image works by Mark Titchner, Alexander Tucker, Laura Buckley, Anthony Green, John Strutton, Seana Gavin and Rhys Coren.
Rise Berlin Sept, 12

Selected Bibliography

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Collected Drawings “The Blackbird Loop” published 2001

“The Phantom Limb”, Artists book, self published 2011

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